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Friday, February 25, 2011

8 full hours of sleep?

who ever HEARD of  such a thing.  but.... last night,.... due to the alignment of the planets and threats of divorce & adoption,...... i slept 8  h o u r s  in a ROW.  so, what a perfect day to start my Blog.  you're getting the best of me right now! (i take that back, best of me involves wine & faraway islands, THEN you might get me at my somewhat less-semi-insane-& possibly showered- best).  you may notice that i refuse to properly capitalize. sorry, no time. that may or may not also go for punctuation and made up words, depending on the day....
ANYWHOO, please check out my etsy store: silver-press.com . you may particularly be interested if you are a mom. you may also be interested if you are not a mom but have a mom, know a mom, are dating a mom or married a mom. if you have ever in your life met a mom, you might be interested. or not.
more later, i have to go put the laundry in the dryer & quickly blowtorch some headpins, pick up a child & put a few people in time-outs. but i promise I'll Be Back.

sneak peek:
i love you to the moon & back.   hand stamped sterling silver necklace.
for us particularly sappy moms.
 u know who u are.

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