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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheaper than Therapy !

so, yes, after a good nights sleep one thinks they can conquer the World ...& so I did just that.

today's conquest: 5K race, run (ok, walked/crawled, but still) & finished with the whole family including a 3 & 5 year old ! 3 & 5? that's a feat in itself my friends. no potty breaks, no screaming? i deserve a medal! oh, wait, I already got one.  heeheehee.

which inspired me to create a Runners Line of personalized distance, city, & times. i already have forgotten how many races i've done over the years, would it not make a nice gift to your beloved runner to put them all on a modest charm bracelet, as they conquer each one?  Or some dainty little charm necklaces ... this certainly will ignite some conversation!

well, here you go you running fools you:

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